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Don’t Accidentally Give Credit to Hate Sites

Dear friends, Thank you for stopping the normalization of Trump and his white supremacists pals. Thank you for keeping posting about fraud, national security risks, personal safety problems, and more. Keeping doing it. However, you need to stop linking to … Continue reading

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Community Manager Seeking Dream Job 2.0

As many of you probably know, Moz laid off 28% of its full-time employees. Including me. Including not just my fellow community managers, but many of my closest colleagues, from developers to office managers. The story of Dream Job 1.0 … Continue reading

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Random Rec: 2BaysDJs

I highly recommend 2BaysDJs. Why? Because they have a great sense of humor. I should say that I avoid all things to do with weddings. I don’t plan on ever getting married, unless for some reason I find myself desperately … Continue reading

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Save the Earth: Greenwashing or Going Green?

These days being Green sells. This makes me happy, moreover, this makes my inner nine-year-old happy who was campaigning to save the whales on the local news long before it was cool. However, as Kermit pointed out, being Green isn’t … Continue reading

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The Redneck Vote

Amanda Marcotte on writes Rednecks and Offense, an article about the changing nature of the word ‘redneck,’ the appeal to rednecks by Republicans, and how she’s not that far from a redneck. Obviously, I have joked about my mom’s … Continue reading

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Election Mania

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these elections. Not in that I know who I’m voting for or that I’m a political junkie from way back, but in that they are so much fun when it comes to … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go Where Only Fandorks Will Still Go

Finally, someone has decided that it’s time to capitalize on Star Trek again. (J.J. Abrams is pushing out a new Star Trek movie, which the movie posters look fabulous, and hopefully, Abrams can follow up with a suitable plot ending … Continue reading

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Social Media Resists the Market

Synecdochic writes Why Monetizing Social Media Through Advertising Is Doomed To Failure and I tend to largely agree with her. (Her write-up is very layperson friendly for those not in e-commerce or social media.) The only point I disagree on … Continue reading

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Free Shipping, Even If You’re a Beaver

There are lots of theories and data on how free shipping effects e-commerce sales. The only constant is that the faster an item ships to a customer, the happier s/he is and that offering free shipping often affects sales in … Continue reading

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Give Me Wal-Mart or Give Me Death? Death: Life as a Prosumer and a Prosumer Marketer.

A friend recently linked an article, Identifying, Knowing and Retaining Your Customers, which talks about marketing towards the prosumer, not the consumer. The person who cares about what s/he’s buying, how its impacted the Earth, where it comes from, the … Continue reading

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