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Confessions of a Geek: No iPad, No Kindle, No iTunes

I didn’t order an iPad. I don’t have a Kindle or Sony e-Reader. I don’t buy TV or music off iTunes. I still trudge every week to the comic book shop to pick up my weekly stack. I still frequent … Continue reading

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Save the Earth: Greenwashing or Going Green?

These days being Green sells. This makes me happy, moreover, this makes my inner nine-year-old happy who was campaigning to save the whales on the local news long before it was cool. However, as Kermit pointed out, being Green isn’t … Continue reading

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Prosumer Presidential Matchmaking: Taxes

In my political matchmaking quest, I’ve found this graph from The Washington Post to be helpful about learning where I fall in McCain’s vs. Obama’s tax plans. Personally, I fall into the $37k-66k. I kind of like this idea that … Continue reading

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Friday Drive-By Linkage

In branding news, Microsoft slips and Coca-Cola remains king. I still will never be able to afford a Louis Vuitton bag. Not that I wanted one, but if I did, I couldn’t. In other things I can’t afford, John McCain’s … Continue reading

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Personal Accountability Starts with Education

I’m a news junkie. Okay, I’m an NPR-listening and blog-reading junkie. I’ve been listening and reading many different commentaries on the collapsing financial structure. I probably shouldn’t be. I think it’s adversely affecting my mood. (Also I really hate the … Continue reading

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“At Least I Don’t Beat You.” Making a Prosumer Workplace

Growing up, my father was not always the nicest person and had a tendency to be emotionally abusive. I was an ornery child who liked to point out this behavior when it happened, or at least, complain about it to … Continue reading

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The Measure of a Man Woman: Prosumer Success

Success in the prosumer world has somewhat moved beyond what you own. Consumers must have the newest and greatest thing, bigger and shinier than the Jones, as a measure of their success. Or as Iggy Pop sings in his song … Continue reading

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Thumbs Down: Prosumer Goals for the Second Half of July

I will hang my head in shame:

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Prosumer Goals: Analyzing the Walk

I want to put my words into actions and make prosumer goals. Things that I care about include supporting local businesses, supporting small businesses, buying products which last, buying online to support my industry, and buying “healthy” products for both … Continue reading

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Social Media Resists the Market

Synecdochic writes Why Monetizing Social Media Through Advertising Is Doomed To Failure and I tend to largely agree with her. (Her write-up is very layperson friendly for those not in e-commerce or social media.) The only point I disagree on … Continue reading

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