Cooking with Erica: French Fries

I bought a French Fry maker kit. (Yes, I make French Fries, not Freedom Fries.) It works to a varying degree, but I still got delicious fries out the gig. In fact, I should actually call this Cooking with Jason as I was cooking our actual dinner while he was frying fries. Delicious!

French Fries are delicious

French Fries

6 Idaho potatoes, peeled
1/4 gallon either cooking oil or peanut oil (I went with cooking.)
salt to taste (I went with sea salt.)

Cut the french fries into about 1/4-inch strips.

Jason demonstrates his mad cutting skills Actual cutting

Heat deep fryer (at least 1 gallon capacity) with oil to about 250°F and use a thermometer to gauge.

Add the fries and cooking, stirring to avoid clumping together for about 3 minutes, until soft, but not mushy.

Remove with a mesh strainer and drain onto paper towels.

draining fries

Turn heat to high and heat oil to 350°F.

Plunge the fries into the oil and cook until they’re golden brown. Remove from oil, drain on paper towels, and season with salt.

French fry mania

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Erica McGillivray spends too much contemplating the socioeconomic importance of the bananaphone. Ring, ring, ring. Bananaphone. She loves cats, soap opera plots in comic books, and dreams of flying in the stars. Erica loves being a community manager.
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  1. Way to go home friers! I like that you left the skins on – looks even tastier. If you want to learn about the history of those fries, stop by for a visit. Cheers.

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