Prosumer Presidential Matchmaking: Taxes

In my political matchmaking quest, I’ve found this graph from The Washington Post to be helpful about learning where I fall in McCain’s vs. Obama’s tax plans.

McCain v Obama on taxes

Personally, I fall into the $37k-66k. I kind of like this idea that I could almost buy a full-equipped new laptop with my tax return from Obama. McCain only gets me another iPod. Once a techie, always a techie.

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Erica McGillivray spends too much contemplating the socioeconomic importance of the bananaphone. Ring, ring, ring. Bananaphone. She loves cats, soap opera plots in comic books, and dreams of flying in the stars. Erica loves being a community manager.
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2 Responses to Prosumer Presidential Matchmaking: Taxes

  1. Carole says:

    That’s an interesting graph. Living here I am coming to really appreciate the Washington Post.

    Apparently people who make over 2.87 million dollars are not only “middle class” according to McCain, but also deserve an enormous tax break. What a deluded fool.

    I suppose according to McCain, the only truly wealthy people in this country are Bill Gates and a few other CEOs, and movie stars.

  2. Erica says:

    I thought it was too. Particularly considering that the people who fret over no taxes rhetoric are generally the ones who make between the brackets where both candidates have promised no new taxes in. Plus, even I was Bill Gates or a movie star, I could hire people to put my money somewhere I wouldn’t have to pay those taxes. It’s people like you and me that don’t have the income to even have those resources.

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