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Sprinkles from around the web: Interesting links 5/07-5/13/10

Interesting links I found around the web. Apparently, I had a very tech-heavy reading list this week. Fandom • Darth Vader vs. a Unicorn. How can this not be awesome? • SNL Hosted by Betty White. Run, don’t walk, to … Continue reading

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Sprinkles from around the web: Interesting links 4/30-5/06/10

Links of interest I’ve found around the web. Your mileage may vary. Charity • So Nashville Is Flooded… How Can I Help?. If you haven’t heard, Nashville’s under water. Check out this link for a list of ways to help. … Continue reading

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Homophobia in the Sookie Stackstackhouse Books and True Blood’s Response

I really thought my vampire thing was over. I read all Anne Rice’s books through middle school and high school. And I’ve been completely obsessed with Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel for years. Like let me sing … Continue reading

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Top 20 Movies of the Decade

Inspired by my friend Kyle’s list and everyone else’s, these are my Top 20 Movies of the Decade. Every movie on this list was made between 2000-2009. Looking at my list, I definitely stopped watching new movies during my college … Continue reading

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Facebook — To delete or not to delete

I think a lot about deleting my Facebook. I don’t use it for networking; that’s why I have LinkedIn. I don’t use it to contact my close circle of friends. We have face-to-face visits, phones, e-mail, and other methods of … Continue reading

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My Great Holiday Trip to the Other Coast

Santa welcomes me to Virginia Beach My journey started with a trip down my hill. Normally, I’d drive my car down it, but there was about six inches of snow with ice and my road was closed. Thankfully, Kenny (my … Continue reading

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I Do Dream of Electric Bunnies

I’ve been thinking about solace, and the times I had solace. Solace is something that I want in my life. I want a “happy place” to go to. When I was growing up, I largely did two things for solace … Continue reading

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Five Things to do in Seattle in the Fall

It’s definitely fall. I’ve started wearing a scarf and mittens and my office heater is working away. This was the view from my balcony a few weeks ago when the leaves were just starting to change. Five Things to do … Continue reading

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Register to Vote and Check Your Voter’s Registration

I believe it’s the patriotic duty of every eligible citizen to vote. When I turned 18-years-old, I was so excited that I could vote, especially since I was 17-years-old when George W. was elected the first time. My frustration was … Continue reading

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Friday Hope: DonorsChoose.org

Today is dark and drizzly here in Seattle. I remain even more disillusioned about yesterday’s VP debate and the current bailout. A link from a friend pointed me to a website called DonorsChoose.org, where public school teachers in the United … Continue reading

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